Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Edinburgh




a gloved doctor holding their hands around the face of a woman who has received a new anti-wrinkle treatment

A simple procedure with a range of potential

As a doctor-led aesthetics clinic with a focus on natural beauty, Dr Hala Aesthetics is uniquely equipped to carry out a range of minimally-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments.

These treatments work by temporarily relieving and relaxing the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the targeted area and allowing features like cheeks to appear plumper and more lifted. Whether you are concerned with forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or a particular concern like a gummy smile, Dr Hala's surgical background and years of experience promises long-lasting and natural-looking results.





Dr Hala Aesthetics offers

a beautician with their hands around the face of a woman showing the before and after of a wrinkle reduction treatment

Targeted wrinkle reductions

a woman showing off her jawline slimming result

Jawline slimming (Masseter injection)


a woman showing off her neck lift with lines indicating the direction of the lift

Nefertiti Neck Lift & Platysmal Bands

a woman touching her face smiling, showcasing her gummy smile treatment result

Gummy smile reductions


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What can you expect following your treatment?

Immediately after:

  • You may experience some minor redness, swelling or bruising at the injection sites. These typically fade within a few hours or days. A cold compress can help to reduce the swelling if this becomes a concern.
  • There may be a slight tingling feeling or numbness around the injection sites.

Following days:

  • As the targeted musculature begins to relax, you will gradually notice a reduction in movement in and around the treated area.
  • The full effects of the treatment will typically become noticeable within 3-7 days following the treatment.


  • A typical treatment will last for 3-4 months on average, though this can vary depending on factors such as the targeted area, the dosage used and your individual metabolism.



More detailed customised aftercare information will be provided by Dr Hala following your treatment.