PRP Hair Treatments in Edinburgh




a man receiving a PRP hair treatment from a white gloved beautician

Stimulating hair growth with the power of platelets

PRP is a revolutionary yet minimally-invasive treatment for hair loss that harnesses the healing power of blood to stimulate new growth.

By extracting a concentrated solution of growth factor-dense platelets from your blood and injecting these into your scalp, dormant hair follicles are awakened and transition into an active growth phase. This can lead to the emergence of new hair growth after potentially years of stagnancy or hair loss, leading to the growth of thicker hair and potentially giving you a significant confidence boost.





What can you expect following your treatment?

Immediately after:

  • PRP is a minimally invasive procedure, so most patients experience little to no downtime. You can typically resume your normal activities after the treatment.
  • Your scalp may feel slightly sensitive or tender, and you may notice some redness. Avoid scratching or rubbing the treated area, and consider using a cold press to alleviate discomfort if necessary.

Following days:

  • As PRP hair treatments essentially restart the hair's growth cycle, you may experience temporary hair shedding after the treatment. This is both a normal part of the process, and a sign that new growth is being actively stimulated.


  • PRP results take time to become visible. It typically takes 2-3 months to begin noticing a difference in hair density and thickness. The full benefits can take up to 6 months to become apparent.



More detailed customised aftercare information will be provided by Dr Hala following your treatment.