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What sets us apart from the crowd

Driven by a clear goal and informed by years of medical experience, Dr Hala Aesthetics is a leading doctor-led aesthetics clinic in Edinburgh.

In a field filled with non-medical clinics that chase unnatural-looking trends, our clinic proudly stands out from the crowd for our patient-led approach and commitment to natural aesthetics. Dr Hala and her team are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and address whatever concerns may be troubling you – Without compromising your natural beauty.





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Meet Dr Hala – Lead practitioner and founder of our aesthetics clinic in Edinburgh

Dr Hala isn't an aesthetics nurse or beautician – She is a qualified doctor, with specialised training in aesthetics.

Prior to offering aesthetics in Edinburgh, she honed her skills with a 4-year surgical background. This experience instilled in her a deep understanding of precision and meticulous technique, qualities that are essential for successful aesthetic procedures.

This extensive background in medicine ensures that patient safety and wellbeing are her top priorities. She is committed to providing the highest standards of care, creating a comfortable and trusting environment for her patients and taking her time to get to know their concerns before any treatments begin.








Our patient-centric approach to aesthetics


Natural Beauty for Amplified Confidence

True beauty comes from feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. With this in mind, our aesthetics treatments are designed to subtly elevate, enhance and address – Not to remake, remodel and make you look like somebody you're not.


Understanding your Desired Outcome

Dr Hala takes the time to get to know your concerns, understand your desired outcome and only recommend treatments that will get you there. We don't believe in a ‘one-shot' approach, unethical sales pitches or pressuring our clients into unnecessary procedures.




Ethical and Effective Treatments

Building off this, we only use scientifically-backed treatments with a proven safety record. We are committed to ethical practices, and will never recommend a treatment you don't need or we feel wouldn't be a good fit for your desired outcome.





The Values Behind our World-Class Aesthetics in Edinburgh

Unwavering Professionalism

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. From the moment you step into our clinic to your post-treatment follow-up, you can expect a courteous approach and a meticulous attention to detail in every part of your care plan.

Compassionate Connections 

Undergoing an aesthetics procedure is a deeply personal decision. That's why Dr Hala and her team are committed to creating a warm environment, listening with empathy and addressing your concerns thoroughly to ensure you feel valued and supported.


as Standard

Dr Hala's medical background means that we can provide a quality of service above other aesthetics clinics in Edinburgh, exceeding your expectations and providing real results while remaining in line with our commitment to natural aesthetics.

Safety Above
All Else

Dr Hala, a highly qualified and experienced medical practitioner, adheres to the strictest safety protocols and utilises only the most advanced, clinically-proven techniques.